Tourists from the U.S. on Trial for Sex Tourism

The third suspect was the first trial under a new law designed for U.S. citizens who do fantasy sex in Cambodia. Operation Act Traveler Twisted is an initiative that the Department of Justice and Office of the U.S. Customs and Immigration to take action against the suspects for sex tourism.

“The men think they can satisfy their sick desires by leaving the U.S. to hunt the prey of children in other countries, but they are wrong,” said U.S. attorney, Thomas P O’Brian, in a statement. “We are now working with officials in other countries to prosecute sex tourists and provide the protection that we can for the children in the world.”



Ronald Boyajian (49), Eric Peeters (41), and Jack Sporich (75) charged with having sex with children under the age with a maximum penalty of 30 years. They began to trial in federal court, Tuesday 1 September 2009 local time.

Boyajian went to Cambodia in September 2008 and pay a Vietnamese girl’s 10-year-old for sex.  Peeters had sex with at least three boys Cambodia. He gave the boy’s third parent money and rice, and pay the two boys between 5 to 10 U.S. dollars. Sporich having sex with at least one boy Cambodia. Witnesses said, Sporich riding a motorcycle through the streets in the town of Siem Riep Cambodia and then dropped the money to attract the attention of children.


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