Online Child Trafficking Arrested



A man who put an ad on the Internet/online to sell his biological son who was a year old and her daughter who was four years in Jiangxi Province, east China, has been thrown into jail for allegedly abducting and selling babies. The man, surnamed Li who, put an ad in an Internet forum Xiamen City, Fujian Province, southeast China, earlier this year, when he became a fugitive in the case of robbery and carjacking committed in his hometown, Jiujiang. Li has offered to sell her children at a price of 60,000 yuan in cash.

a volunteer anti-smuggling in Guangzhou, Guangdong Province, south China, knows that advertising in mid-April, then contact the ad writer to confirm the authenticity of the ad. Guangzhou Volunteers then notify the case to the other volunteers in Xiamen, who called the police and kept in touch with the seller babies. Police personnel in civilian clothes and a volunteer posing as a buyer to catch Li in Xiamen. To prevent the Li hurt these babies, women volunteers were using candy to create a calm all these babies and hold them before the police arrested Li.

In the subsequent police interrogation, Li argued that the child is hers and selling them is not a criminal offense. Li’s parents before the child’s care, which was born by two Li’s girlfriend, and bear their own costs. Li’s parents told police that Li and then all of a sudden take away the children, and guessed Li wanted to buy something for these kids. Li was sentenced to 17 years in prison for crimes they have committed. Online child trafficking was arrested after a woman set up by volunteers.


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