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Starent Networks was Acquired Cisco

Cisco Networks

Cisco Networks

Cisco networking giant continues to expand its market. Believes that the IP martphones and other devices will be springing up with estimates mobile data traffic around the world will double every year until 2013, Cisco took a quick decision to acquire a company. A company that specializes in applications and mobile internet infrastructure to the target. Starent Networks, so the name of the company, Cisco purchased at a price of U.S. $ 2.9 billion.

During this function and Starent provides core network services to manage the radio network access from 2.5 G, 3G and 4G core network packet to the mobile operators. CMDA network services to include 2000, UMTS / HSPA and WiMAX. John Chambers, Cisco CEO and chairman, believes that the products and Starent engineers will complement and benefit the company’s Service Provider customers. Starent Networks was acquired cisco to enhance the future of business networking.