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Mount Merapi Spewing Hot Clouds Again

Mount Merapi

Center for Volcanology and Geological Hazard Mitigation (PVG) states the activities of Mount Merapi again showed improvement. Yogyakarta-Indonesia Society and its surrounding areas were asked to remain vigilant.

Mount Merapi is still moving volatile. Up at 12.00 earlier, recorded the quake Multi Phase doubled from the previous observations.

“Based on observations made at 06:00 to 12:00 pm, the volcanic activity either seismic or visual, showing an increase again,” so declared by the Head of PVG, Surono.

He explained that Mount Merapi, the quake was recorded more than doubled to 36 times, bringing the total 54 times. Earthquake avalanches still dominates the number of earthquakes, that is 62 times, and hot clouds, there were eight times.

Visual condition of the observation posts of Mount Merapi began at 00:00 to 6:00 pm, hot clouds to Kali Gendol with sliding distance reached 3.5 km and a height of smoke reached 700 m.


Obama Donate Money Nobel Prize 1.42 Million Dollars

Barack Obama

Barack Obama

U.S. President Barack Obama in Washington, donating money from the Nobel Peace Prize which will receive approximately 1.42 million U.S. dollars to help the social activities.   A U.S. official said no decision which organizations will receive funds from the Nobel prize. However, White House spokesman, Robert Gibbs said Obama will accept the award personally Nobel.

Gold medal, a plaque, and a check worth 10 million Swedish krona (about 1.42 million U.S. dollars) will be handed over in Oslo on December 10, on the anniversary of the death of Alfred Nobel, the Nobel Prize initiators who died in 1896.   Former Cuban leader, Fidel Castro welcomes Nobel award, and the judge as a “positive step” is more a criticism of U.S. policies in the past rather than recognition of Obama’s achievements.

Sale of State Assets due to Crisis

Gordon Brown

Gordon Brown

British Prime Minister Gordon Brown will announce the sale of government assets in order to obtain fresh funds of 3 million pounds or equivalent to U.S. $ 4.8 million.  Assets to be sold-all nonfinancial assets-in the next two years include the railway network Channel Tunnel, Dartford Bridge, a tunnel that crosses the River Thames, Tote bookie firms, and 33 per cent stake in the British Government konsosium European uranium, Urenco. Based on the Downing Street press release, the office of the Prime Minister, yesterday, Brown had to menggumumkan sale of these assets in a speech today.

On that occasion, Brown will also announce that local governments will also sell their assets worth 13 billion pounds (or 21 billion U.S. dollars). Money from the sale of assets will be used to finance investment and pay the debt. England was suffering the worst recession for a period of several decades and its budget fall into deficit. The difference between spending and revenues continue to widen. However, Brown has recently expressed optimism the country’s economic development.

In an interview published on Saturday, he said, the UK economy will grow 1.5 percent next year. Estimates were higher than many economists forecast. Today’s speech was part of a bid to answer the opinion of the opposition (the Conservatives) that public spending cuts will reduce the huge debt and make the economic wheels turning again. The Conservative Party has proposed the extension of retirement age, tightening of welfare programs, and freeze the payment of hundreds of thousands of workers in the public sector.

In a Short Time Obama Won The Nobel Peace

U.S. President Barack Obama

U.S. President Barack Obama

The Norwegian Nobel Committee chose U.S. President Barack Obama as a recipient of the Nobel Peace Prize this year. Obama is seen extraordinary efforts to strengthen international diplomacy and cooperation among human beings and the vision of a peaceful world.  The Norwegian Nobel Committee has decided that 2009 Nobel Peace Prize awarded to U.S. President Barack Obama, “the Nobel committee statement. The Committee particularly important attribute Obama’s vision for a world without nuclear weapons.

Vision of a world free of nuclear weapons has been strongly stimulate disarmament and arms control negotiations. As president, Obama has considered creating a new international political climate. Because of Obama, multilateral diplomacy back a central position with an emphasis on the role of the UN and international institutions. Nobel Committee added, Obama chose dialogue and negotiations as an instrument for the resolution of international conflicts. “Thank you for Obama initiative. U.S. now play a more constructive role in meeting the huge challenge of climate change facing the world. Democracy and rights-human rights would be strengthened, “said the Norwegian Nobel Committee.

Added, is very rare that someone like Obama, who seized the attention of the world and give people hope for the future better. “Diplomacy is based on the concept that those who will lead the world to do with the basic values and attitudes that supported the majority of the world,” said the Nobel Committee.  Nobel Committee also encourages plea, Obama delivered a plea that, “Now is the time for us all to carry out our responsibilities together with a global response to global challenges.” Chairman of the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) Mohamed ElBaradei said the joy by giving a Nobel Peace Prize this year to President Obama.

“In less than a year in office, he has transformed the way we see ourselves and the world in which we live and revive hope for a peaceful world in it. I can not think of anyone today who is more deserving of this award, “he said.  Many world leaders to congratulate Mr Obama phrase, but many who do not agree with that award.  Palestinian Hamas group through its officials, Sami Abu Zuhri, considered it premature award. “Obama still has to travel a long journey and a lot of work to do before he deserves an award,” he said.

He added that Obama only makes promises and does not provide significant contributions to world peace. “He did not do anything to ensure justice for the Arab and Muslim world,” Zuhri said. Liaqat Baluch, a senior leader of Jamaat-e-Islami, a conservative party in Pakistan, called the award a “joke” shameful.  So did Issam al-Khazraji, day laborers in Baghdad, who said, “He did not deserve this award. All of these problems, Iraq, Afghanistan, has not been completed. The man who called for change have not changed anything, “he explained.