Tourists from the U.S. on Trial for Sex Tourism

The third suspect was the first trial under a new law designed for U.S. citizens who do fantasy sex in Cambodia. Operation Act Traveler Twisted is an initiative that the Department of Justice and Office of the U.S. Customs and Immigration to take action against the suspects for sex tourism.

“The men think they can satisfy their sick desires by leaving the U.S. to hunt the prey of children in other countries, but they are wrong,” said U.S. attorney, Thomas P O’Brian, in a statement. “We are now working with officials in other countries to prosecute sex tourists and provide the protection that we can for the children in the world.”



Ronald Boyajian (49), Eric Peeters (41), and Jack Sporich (75) charged with having sex with children under the age with a maximum penalty of 30 years. They began to trial in federal court, Tuesday 1 September 2009 local time.

Boyajian went to Cambodia in September 2008 and pay a Vietnamese girl’s 10-year-old for sex.  Peeters had sex with at least three boys Cambodia. He gave the boy’s third parent money and rice, and pay the two boys between 5 to 10 U.S. dollars. Sporich having sex with at least one boy Cambodia. Witnesses said, Sporich riding a motorcycle through the streets in the town of Siem Riep Cambodia and then dropped the money to attract the attention of children.


The Oldest Dog Dies at the age of 147 Years



Dachshund dog, a long body and short legs, which was recorded as the oldest dog in the world, died at the age of 21 years, or the equivalent of 147 dogs in the calendar year, on Long Island, USA. This dog named Chanel who died on Friday, the death of natural causes at the owner’s house in Port Jefferson Station, a village which is about 80 miles east of New York. Guinness World Records Party to give credit to the dog, last May, when the dog was just 21 years, as the oldest dog in the world.

Owner of the dog, the couple  Denice and Karl Shaughnessy adopted a Chanel from animal shelters in Virginia, when the dog was six weeks old. “Chanel in recent years using color for cataract glasses and likes the sweater because the dog is sensitive to cold weather. But these dogs still spirit”, said dog owner. The oldest dog dies at the age of 147 years.

Terrible Fires in California Region

National Weather Service has issued a red flag warning for the southern California region at the weekend, while the combination of low humidity and hot temperatures increase the chaos.  California Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger declared a state of emergency in Los Angeles, Friday 28 August 2009, after a forest fire in four separate places on burning uncontrollably.

Fires in California

Fires in California

When it was announced instructions, Schwarzenegger said,  “This fire situation, because the large size, would seem to be controlled by the department, personnel, equipment, and facilities of the district, any big city, … and require the combined forces of a mutual aid region or region to fight. ”

All firefighters battling two separate fires in the Angeles National Forest in Los Angeles. More than 1,214 hectares of land have been burned and the fire threatened hundreds of homes.  Separate fires in Rancho Palos Verdes create more than 1,000 people to save themselves from their homes, and six homes suffered minor damage due to fire.

Approximately 70% of fires in the area of 50.6 hectares of land in Rancho Palos Verdes has been controlled, and the evacuation order lifted on Friday morning local time. Firefighters have been trying to extinguish the fire that raged across the hills through a helicopter, cars continued to douse the fire in the blaze throughout the day.

Computer Technology to Accelerate Economic Growth



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So with the development of computer technology has been significant economic growth in all industries. Computer technology has helped us to accelerate national economic growth and international. Computer machine designed to help us do the work easier, faster and efficient. computers are also vulnerable to damage that may be caused by software such as viruses, and hardware. to deal with computer problems we can use the tools we can find on the internet and many types of software such as antivirus, clean registry and so on.

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Why Blogging of Interest

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Why I do blogging  and I’m happy to do it. My partner blog is ADRIAN’S BLOG, He has given me many lessons about blogging and it made me more interested in doing blogging. Through this blog I want to express my ideas and thoughts quickly, and share experiences and knowledge I have.