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Gadget Disturb Sleeping Children at Night

Children who use electronic media before sleep may have trouble with concentration and lose the spirit of the next day. At least these findings from an earlier study involving 40 children.

Children who were included in the study, average age 14.5 years, and to all of them placed at JFK Medical Center Sleep Laboratory in Edison, New Jersey. About 70 percent of them have difficulty sleeping problems, while others have a problem sleepiness during the day.

It is not an anomaly if these children have difficult problems sleeping and drowsiness during the day, they turned out an average of 34 SMS or send e-mails a night, according to a study presented at the American College of Chest Physicians in Vancouver Canada. SMS sent by the children about 10 minutes to four hours after their bedtime.

“These kids admit that they are still active in electronic media such as mobile phones, video-games and computers when they enter their sleeping hours,” said Peter Polos, a doctor from the clinic JFK.

On average, these children are sent an SMS to four different people in one night. The phone also wake them at night when they received a text message or phone call by a friend.

Children who use their sleep time by playing the electronic media tend to have trouble concentrating on the next day.

Peter also stated that this study has limitations. The study could not prove that the use of media in the late evening can cause problems with concentration for the next day. Petermenambahkan that the research may not represent all the children. This is because all the children who were included in this study when it entered the clinic have first have a problem.